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India is a home of almost 1.4 billion people i.e. every sixth human on this planet resides on approximately 2.4 percent area of the planet known as India. Due to the easy availability of human resource, the value of the human resource is negligible in India.

On a positive note India is the home of the largest young population of the world. It is ironic that we export the very best human resource to the developed world and sustain on corruptly selected human resource. If the annual remuneration of the top ten India educated US MNCs CEOs is calculated, it would be found that their one year remuneration is many-many more times to the annual remuneration to their Indian counterparts serving in corporate or Government sector. The fat pay packages of the Indian origin CEOs of the foreign MNCs underline the market value of the Indian human resource. There are many-many equally bright, educated and competent fellow-countrymen who are underperforming under pressure of redundant Indian system and without expecting their market value striving to make contribution in the development and progress of the country.

No interest is bigger than the national interest. No dream is bigger than the national dream. These were the common ethos under the throes of which India won independence. This spirit should have sustained and amplified in building up the country, the soul of which was in existence for over five thousand years. Even in the Bhagwat Gita lord Krishna has mentioned Bharat.

India chose government jobs as the means of survival and social justice. The youth of a country is the fuel for development and progress. The fuel for the development was impacted largely on account of caste based reservation. Though reservation was just for the first two decades, its continuation over the years being renewed at  an interval of ten years without any assessment of its impact either on the people for whom it was designed or on the country at large  was a result of vote bank politics. The lust to rule people and the country triumphed over national interest. Contemporary, India is reeling under social unrest on account of more and more communities seeking reservation.

However, this was just the background for this article.

We are fifteen months away from the year 2020 the target set by the former President of India , scientist and a great visionary set by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam  the country would have become a developed nation. The vision 2020 in Dr Kalam words is as follows:

Transforming the nation into a developed country, five areas in combination have been identified based on India's core competence, natural resources and talented manpower for integrated action to double the growth rate of GDP and realise the Vision of Developed India.

The barometer of national progress, GDP, is presently at a high of 7.8% placing India at the top of the fastest growing countries. The talented manpower was one of the five sectors selected by Dr Kalam which would be responsible for India joining the select group of developed countries.

India is a country of contradictions. On the one hand, India is the home of the world class indigenously developed space technology and on the other it is home to a large number of diseases especially water borne diseases. Major energy and efforts of the government are spent in catering to the basic needs of the people and despite of the very best efforts little else is achieved. Therefore, in order to achieve the vision 2020 India needs the best of human resources.

There are broadly three ways of entry in public services in India. Through competitive examination, recommendations from Government and by way of politics. India has reached the stage where selection based on merit should be the preferred medium of recruiting the brightest and the best of minds. The telecom revolution and the advent of social media has had far reaching effects on the populace at large with the technology becoming more inclusive.

It is proposed as possible to design, test and commission Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies based National Human Resource Commission. The people from the date of their enrolment in the AADHAAR card should be recorded as a human resource and should be monitored thereafter without any human intervention for all sort of activities under taken without breaching the standard privacy norms; the protocols for privacy can be laid down and revised time-to-time. The National Human Resource Commission should provide the recommendation for every public office and it should be mandatory and binding. The facts say that in recent past the high constitutional offices of Vice President and Governors have the incumbents from either politicians in retirement/exile or blue eyed retired officers. No public office should waste even a single penny collected from public purse. The mention of Vice President and Governor’s constitutional office was just in the coherence to the public debate on the penny wise utility of these high offices.

The technology based protocols should be developed for gathering, correlating, checking and cross verifying, updating, validating information in all possible dimensions. The protocols should ensure data authenticity making people vigilant in behaving in a disciplined and dutiful manner. The transparency in the National Human Resource Commission should ultimately result in bringing vitality in the redundant government machinery. The service of the nation is the service of the people, the real masters of the country in the real manner. It is time to make India guru of this planet.

Since India is a democratic country, public can elect anyone to the public office as a M.P. or an M.L.A. but the nomination forms for fighting the election should be a subject to the approval from the National Human Resource Commission.

The bureaucracy is considered as the steel frame of Indian system. This steel framework has been rusted by the cultivation of ‘culture’ of collusion with the political masters. The people close to the power can make out who is going to hold powerful positions and who are going to be marginalised by the change in a Government. This dangerous culture is harming the neutral officers to their core. The plague can be neutralised by the assignment of the transfer, posting, confidential report et all jobs to the National Human Resource Commission. The recording of the day-to-day activities of the public officers by the sophisticated tools and converting them into valuable inputs under various protocols for record with the National Human Resource Commission can set a fair, equitable and free from interference and fearless working environment. The inputs about the working of the public officers from field can also check those who would try to play with the public duty.

Is politics everyone’s cup of tea? It is time to set the politics as another tough profession far away from the reality of present ruthless selfishness and easy way to mint money. It is discipline that makes the country great. Discipline comes with knowledge, respect for the rule of law and high ethical standards, respect for others and dedication for the country and humanity. It is time when protocols should be developed to supervise the boys and girls in the 11th and 12th standards. The option for going through the protocol should be optional for all those who see their career in politics, professional education in institutions running and sustaining on public money, public jobs or any other means of sustaining on public money. Those who do not opt for the protocols should be made ineligible for even making an application for enrolment in public educational institutions, government gobs, all public offices and positions sustaining on public money. There is no better selection process than a through investigation of a person engaged in day-to-day activities. The two years under the supervision of the National Human Resource Commission should yield in points to be counted in opening the gates of opportunities for studies, professions, public jobs and public offices.

It is easy to give ten bad guys name and tough to give ten good guys names. This psychology is reflected in record keeping of the citizens. The bad guys records are kept in the databases of the National Crime Bureau but the good guys are left out for being recorded. It is time to make a new beginning under the aegis of the proposed National Human Resource Commission.  

Jai Hind!!




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